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Cecil and Harford Counties; Delaware

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Cecil County

  • Baltimore, Harford, & Cecil County HomeSchoolers (BaHaCeHS)
    This group exists to provide a means of communication to offer support, share resources, and present ideas among the homeschooling community in the North East/Central corridor in Maryland. This discussion group is open to all members of the homeschool community, whether you are just considering the homeschooling option or are a veteran homeschooling family.
  • Cecil County MD Homeschoolers
    Cecil County MD Homeschoolers is an inclusive group for all Cecil County Homeschoolers... everyone is welcome regardless of method or spiritual practice. Our group serves the purpose to help unite homeschoolers in our county, as well as answer questions from those who are considering homeschooling.
  • Homeschool Support Network
    A support organization serving homeschoolers since 1986. Now primarily online.
  • Traditions of Roman Catholic Homes (TORCH)
    We are a Roman Catholic homeschooling group that is open to people of all faiths. We have monthly meetings, field trips, outreach opportunities, small co-ops, and support one another in our homeschooling journey.
  • Lumen Christi TORCH
    (Traditions of Roman Catholic Homeschools in Northeastern Maryland) is a support group in Harford and Cecil Counties and surrounding areas.

Harford County

  • Baltimore, Harford, & Cecil County HomeSchoolers (BaHaCeHS)
    This group exists to provide a means of communication to offer support, share resources, and present ideas among the homeschooling community in the North East/Central corridor in Maryland. This discussion group is open to all members of the homeschool community, whether you are just considering the homeschooling option or are a veteran homeschooling family.
  • Homeschool Association for Harford & Surrounding Areas (HAHSA)
    An inclusive support group for families looking for a wide array of social and academic opportunities to enrich and enhance their homeschool journey. Membership benefits include parent support, classes & workshops, field trips, special days, celebrations, clubs, competitive teams, age-based groups (including pre-school and teens) and more!


  • Delaware Classical Home Educators Network
    We are an all-inclusive Classical home educators support group for families Classically educating their children in the Wilmington-Middletown-Newark-Elkton area of the state of Delaware and northeastern area of Maryland. As a group we meet in the Newark - Wilmington - Middletown area of the state of Delaware to chat, discuss goals and educational resources, and to support each other. If you live outside of the state of Delaware you might find our meeting locations too far for your travels and you should seek a different group. Our on-line discussions center around local events, arranging local get-togethers and field trips, and Classical Education. When we gather together we discuss Classical Education in-depth, however we rarely do such discussions on-line. As a local Classically-Educating group in the state of Delaware this affords us the opportunity to get to know each other in person too.
  • FAMILIESnews
    This is a large group of homeschool families who want to encourage each other and share information, events, curriculum, fieldtrip,ideas and to be in service to Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Anyone is welcome to join, (although most of us are from the Delaware,Maryland, and Virginia area) (Delmarva)
  • Tri-State Homeschool Network
  • Our Lady Queen of Peace
    A Catholic homeschool private support group for families in Northeastern Maryland, Northern Delaware, Southeastern Pennsylvania.
  • Social Home Educators of York - SHEY
    SHEY is an alternative, inclusive support group for homeschooling families Adams, Cumberland, Dauphin, Lancaster, Perry, and York Counties and Northern MD. The primary focus of this group will be for activities, field trips, support, friendship and fun. All homeschool styles, methods, traditional home educators, virtual charter school families, religious or non-religious members are welcome.

Maryland Statewide

  • BWHE - Baltimore-Washington Home Educators
    The BWHE on-line community is designed for open-minded homeschoolers in the region who are interested in participating in a community that represents a diverse range of religious, political and philosophical beliefs. Our community also represents a wide range of ethnic groups, education levels, and socio-economic classes. The one thing we have in common is an interest in trying to do what is best for our children and our family.
  • Homeschool High School Inclusive
    Homeschool High School Inclusive is a Maryland-based homeschool high school group. Through this group you may find notifications of field trips (local and regional), information about online high schools and speciality colleges uniquely addressing the needs of homeschooled students, and a variety of other resources and information. There are also opportunities to have "discussions" with one another via e-mail, with the possibility of quarterly support meetings. Activities, as planned and organized by all who participate in this group, are encouraged for students who wish to gather together outside of the academic setting.
  • LDS Homeschooling in Maryland
    This group is for members and friends of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who are homeschooling their children. Most of our group lives in Maryland but we have members in West Virgina and Virginia as well. We usually have a planning meeting once a year (either in the spring or early fall) and plan approximately 2 field trips or activities per month during the traditional school year. Most of our activities are held on Fridays.
  • Jewish Homeschoolers of MD & DC
    This list is meant to be a forum to allow Jewish home schoolers in Maryland, DC,and nearby areas to keep in touch and plan activiites. Please be aware that many on this list are supporters of Israel and political discussions of the situation in Israel will occur, as will suggestions for supportive actions that may be taken by families and individuals. This list is open to Jews of all levels of observance interested in home schooling their children.
  • Maryland Association of Christian Home Educators (MACHE)
    MACHE exists to support the Christian home schooling families and support group leaders in the state of Maryland . We provide a quarterly newsletter to member families and groups, offer a discount for membership in the Home School Legal Defense Association , and we host an annual curriculum fair, symposiums, workshops, and other events.
  • Maryland Association of Roman Catholic Homeschoolers
    MarylandARCH is the first of its kind as a state-wide advocacy site for all Maryland Catholic homeschooling families, striving to bring together information for all of us from across the state to share with each other homeschooling news, groups, resources and especially that which pertains to us as Catholic homeschoolers. MarylandARCH hosts a website, yahoogroup, and facebook group. MarylandARCH is NOT associated with any groups or organizations. MarylandARCH is NOT affiliated with any group also having ARCH or RCH in its title.
  • Maryland Homeschool Biking Club
    This group is for anyone who homeschools/unschools in the state of Maryland or close to this state that bikes or would like to bike with others. You can share info about bikes, ask for assistance with anything bike related or just join us occasionally on one of our bike rides or overnight bike trips. Please feel free to add a bike ride any time at your favorite riding place!
  • Maryland Homeschool Hiking Club
    This site is for amy homeschoolers/unschoolers and their families in the state of Maryland and any areas close to Maryland. We participate in short hikes, long hikes, and sometimes overnights! Jump in and join us for a hike or just talk about anything hiking or homeschool related! You are also encouraged to set up a hike and invite the group!
  • MarylandHomeschool
    This is an online group to support each other in our homeschooling, share resources, find support, ask questions, or just talk about what you are doing in your homeschool. Feel free to share ideas about kids, family, spirituality, or any other subjects that you feel would be of help and benefit to others. We hope you will share your ideas, educational resources, activities, lesson plans, web sites, or any education resource with the group. We are a diverse group from all over the state of Maryland with many different beliefs and this is a place where we can come together on the common issue of homeschooling to share and support each other.
  • MD Homeschooling Special Needs
    MD Homeschooling Special Needs is for those families in Maryland who are homeschooling children with special needs. This is a place to share ideas lend support and plan activities that would enrich our children's life's. Whether your child has Autism, Aspergers, learning disabilities, ADD, ADHD or any other disabilities or just plain high maintenance this group is for you. We hope that by coming together in this group we can more easily share resources about special needs children. We can also come together to find and lend support in a common area as we homeschool. This is a private list not open to the public.
  • MD_DC_VA_Educators
    This groups exists to create an online forum to share resources, activities, ideas, and support among the homeschooling community to include the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan area, Hampton Roads (Tidewater) Virginia, Delaware and Pennsylvania. Our geography lends itself to an amazingly wide array of fantastic and unique experiences for our children to expand their learning. We currently have members from many states to include: Virginia, Washington DC, North Carolina, West Virginia, Maryland counties, Baltimore City, Pennsylvania,and Delaware. Approximately 50% of the group current serves our country in uniform.
  • Waldorf Homeschoolers in Maryland
    This is a group for homeschooling families in Maryland (and nearby surrounding areas) who are using a Waldorf-inspired approach. Any family interested in Waldorf homeschooling, whether you're using Live Ed, Oak Meadow, Christopherus, doing your own curriculum, or are a Waldorf-inspired unschooler, or anything in between, you are welcome here.

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October 19, 2018


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