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  • Starting to Homeschool
    Begin your homeschool journey with the facts you need to know.

  • Homeschool Curriculum Choices
    Browse 100+ curricular choices - from complete packages to eclectic and random subjects your kids want to learn.

  • High School Resources
    Things you need to know to help you through the high school years.

  • Field Trips
    Get out of the house for a fun community-based field trip.

  • Contests
    Get your kids motivated to learn by entering any one of a number contests - from the Spelling Bee to art with duct tape.

  • Educator Discounts
    Stretch your homeschool dollar by applying for your educator discount cards at various retailers.

  • Personal Reflections
    Need a little inspiration? Read first-hand stories of other homeschooling parents and how they've gotten through the rought spots.


July 15, 2018


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