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    Math homeschool resources
  • Math Curriculum Reviews
    Find links to over 100 different K-12 math, logic, and philosophy curricular products, such as Math-U-See, Miquon, Singapore, and Teaching Textbook. Also, read reviews from homeschool families who have used these materials to see if they might work for your family.
  • Spiral Vs Mastery Math
    Chart that breaks down the basic differences between spiral or mastery math.
  • Spiral and Mastery Math Curricular Options
    Chart that tells if a popular homeschool math curriculum is a spiral or mastery approach.
  • Alphametic Problem Solving Strategies
    Build critical thinking skills with this logic activity designed for kids who'd rather read than practice basic math.

  • Free Halloween Logic Puzzle
    Get a free table logic puzzle and step-by-step guide for how to teach deductive reasoning to your youngest kids.

  • Healthy Body = Good Math Grades NEW
    In a math slump? Science says, maybe you should put down that pencil and go do some jumping jacks.

  • Is Algebra Required for Homeschoolers?
    The simple answer is yes. Find out why.
  • 9 Picks For Kids Who Hate Algebra
    Traditional algebra textbook not working? Take a look at these unconventional approaches for teaching the dreaded math class.
  • Saxon Math: A Commentary
    Saxon Math has been reviewed, alongside other math curricula, by independent mathematicians and educators. Read a summary of their assessment on the quality of this math program.
  • Math themed "fiction" reading list
    A supplemental way to teach math to verbal learners who don't necessarily "get" all the numbers.
  • Teaching Tips For Math NEW
    Not sure how to teach a certain math concept? Check out these easy tips and tricks you can use right now.
  • Homeschool Inspiration
    Homeschool moms who have made it through the K - 12 journey share their thoughts, fears, and hard-earned words of wisdom.
  • Math Contests
    Let your math lover shine by entering any a number contests that are open to homeschoolers.



May 26, 2017


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