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Alessa Giampaolo Keener
Executive Director of Hand In Hand Homeschool

Alessa homeschooled her two children from Kindergarten into college. Throughout her years of homeschooling, she embraced a child led learning approach with an emphasis on social-emotional development and community based learning. With a Masters in Education from Johns Hopkins University and a Certificate in Special Education Advocacy from the William & Mary Law School, Alessa is [Read more]


Kirsten L. Stein
CEO of Athena's Advanced Academy

Kirsten is an educator and parent of two profoundly gifted children and has been involved in the field of education for three decades. She worked as a classroom teacher, spearheaded the district's involvement in inclusion practices, and earned her M.A. Education degree with a team-building focus. To broaden the scope of learning for gifted children, Kirsten formed [Read more]



Chi Huang

Chi is a licensed clinical psychologist trained in neuropsychological assessment. She provides comprehensive evaluations, helping clients to understand their unique strengths and weaknesses and to better navigate their everyday challenges, whether at school, work, or home. A recipient of an APF fellowship and the NAGC Hollingworth Award, her research examines [Read more]



Molly Isaacs Mcleod

Molly is an attorney mediator, educator, and president of Gifted Unlimited, LLC. In addition to offering domestic mediation services, she provides advocacy, mediation, and educational planning services to families seeking appropriate academic placement for their [Read more]



Lynn Beckett
Math Professor

Lynn is a retired mathematics professor with degrees encompassing psychology, math, statistics and computer science, who is currently writing a textbook with alternative ways to teach mathematical concepts. As the mother of two profoundly gifted children who began college in their early teens; balancing full time work, advocating for [Read more]



Michelle Parrinello-Cason
Writing Professor

Michelle is an educator, homeschooling parent, and passionate advocate for the humanities. She has worked in educational settings for the past 15 years including as a full-time community college professor, individual writing tutor, and homeschool co-op class teacher. She has worked with students ranging from preschool to adult and focuses her teaching [Read more]



Kriston Sites Eller
Writing Instructor

Kriston has designed and taught literature and composition courses for students from age 9 through college. Currently, she tutors and teaches homeschoolers, gifted kids, and twice-exceptional students online. When she's not teaching or parenting [Read more]



Tiombe Bisa Kendrick-Dunn
School Psychologist

Tiombe [Read more]



Sonny Summers, Ed.D.
Director of Special Education Consults (2007 - 2018)

Dr. Summers brought over 30 years of experience in special education to her role with Hand In Hand, as a nationally recognized expert in visual impairments and a teacher of the multiply impaired. Dr. Summers passed away unexpectedly in October 2018, but her work lives on in the service plans she helped create for Hand In Hand families and in the content she created for our website. Her dedication to serving children with special needs will be sorely missed.



Derek Casteel
Administrative Assistant

Derek brings his organizational and editing talents to Hand In Hand, helping us with managing web content and creating curriculum.



March 30, 2020


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