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What Sets Hand In Hand Apart From Other Homeschool Sites

  • Hand In Hand is the LARGEST homeschooling website in Maryland
    With a 1,000 pages of content, we are, hands down, the largest online resource for homeschooling families in Maryland.
  • We publish new content every month
    Hand In Hand keeps its site fresh and gives its visitors a reason to keep coming back by adding new content every month. Our articles are professionally written, with dynamic and active links, and reporting on the latest news, best practices, and current research in the field of education.
  • We appeal to more than just homeschool families
    While Hand In Hand's focus has always been to provide quality and timely information to Maryland homeschool families, our sections on Gifted, Testing, Curriculum, and Field Trips appeal to general educators and traditional-schooling families, also.
  • Hand In Hand utilizes the power of social networking
    Hand In Hand's Facebook pages help site users get up-to-the-minute news on special opportunities and content additions to the main website. We offer a regional FB page for MD, DC, and NoVA families that posts about statewide activities. We also host a national FB page with more general posts about curriculum and national education news. You can also find Hand In Hand on Twitter @MD_Homeschool and @HIHHomeschool, as well as on, where we post linkbacks to the Hand In Hand site under our curriculum development division name, Everyday Learning.
  • Hand In Hand Homeschool is a trusted name in the Maryland community
    We've worked hard to build our reputation over the years, as a trusted and fair source for information. Site visitors know our content is not just an aditorial disguised as news. In addition to homeschooling her own children from Kindergarten to college, founder and Executive Director, Alessa Giampaolo, is a nationally recognized speaker and writer on issues relating to gifted education as well as homeschooling. She is also recognized by the State of Maryland as an expert witness in the matters of educational best fit and homeschooling.
  • Periodic use of our electronic mailing list keeps Hand In Hand's name in the forefront
    Hand In Hand's newsletters highlights events and updates that we know will be of interest to our site visitors.
  • Our site is free to use - with no user registration
    Visitors who land on Hand In Hand's pages don't waste time registering or clicking through gateways before they can read the news they are looking for and find the services they need.

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March 30, 2020


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