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Kriston Sites Eller, M.A.
Writing Instructor

Kriston has an M.A. in literature from Indiana University, and she completed all requirements for a Ph.D. except the dissertation. She has designed and taught literature and composition courses for students from age 9 through college. Currently, she tutors and teaches homeschoolers, gifted kids, and twice-exceptional students online.

When she's not teaching or parenting her two teen boys, she's making puns on Facebook, knitting, dyeing yarn, or rewriting one of several novels that she promised her husband she'll eventually publish. Her literary claims to fame include eating dinner with Toni Morrison and having Dave Letterman read Green Eggs and Ham to her on Indianapolis television when she was a child.

E-mail: ksiteseller (at)
Twitter: Find Kriston on Twitter


March 30, 2020


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