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Kirsten L. Stein, Ed.D.
CEO of Athena's Advanced Academy

Kirsten L. Stein, Ed.D., educator and parent of two profoundly gifted children, has been involved in the field of education for three decades. She worked as a classroom teacher, spearheaded the district's involvement in inclusion practices, and earned her M.A. Education degree with a team-building focus.

To broaden the scope of learning for gifted children, Kirsten formed Athena's Advanced Academy. This passion for gifted learning was her doctoral focus in earning her Ed.D. in Educational Leadership. She serves as C.E.O. and online instructor at Athena's. The mission at Athena's is to create a stimulating and engaging educational environment that challenges gifted and talented students and promotes learning in a positive and rewarding atmosphere. Dr. Kirsten and the Athena's educators design captivating courses that can be tailored to meet the goals in each student's educational plan, including homeschoolers and those looking for enrichment.

Dr. Kirsten Stein and the educators at Athena's strive to create a warm and welcoming online community and foster collaboration between students, parents, and educators who are dedicated to helping gifted and talented students grow into confident, proficient lifelong learners.

E-mail: kirsten (at)
Website: Athena's Advanced Academy
LinkedIn: Find Kirsten on LinkedIn


March 30, 2020


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