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WISC-V Subtests

The WISC-V IQ test is a series of individual subtests that are administered to a student in a specific order. Generally, 10 subtests are given to a child in order to obtain 5 Index Scores and a Full Scale IQ score. On rare occasions, only 7 subtests will be administered, saving about a half hour of testing time. In this case, the WISC-V will only provide a FSIQ score.

Verbal Comprehension Index (VCI)

  • Vocabulary: Give a definition to a word
  • Similarities: Compare how 2 things are related
  • (Information): Answer general knowledge questions
  • (Comprehension): Answer questions about general ideas and social situations



Visual Spatial Index (VSI)

  • Block Design (timed): Create a model of a picture design using 2-color blocks
  • Visual Puzzles (timed, new): Pick a set of 3 images that combine to create the picture of a puzzle prompt



Fluid Reasoning Index (FRI)

  • Matrix Reasoning:
  • Figure Weights (timed, new): Pick a picture that will balance out the weight on a scale
  • (Picture Concepts): Pick one picture from each row that share a common characteristic
  • (Arithmetic): Mentally solve picture or verbal math problems



Working Memory Index (WMI)

  • Digit Span: Repeat a set of numbers that have been read aloud
  • Picture Span: Recall a set of pictures that you were seen earlier
  • (Letter Number Sequencing): Listen to a set of jumbled numbers and letters and then repeat them in a specific order



Processing Speed Index (PSI)

  • Coding (timed): Use an answer key to copy symbols that match a number code
  • Symbol Search (timed): Scan a line of symbols and identify if a specific symbols exists in a row
  • (Cancellation timed): Cross out a set of specific pictures that appear on a page of many pictures



Other Subtests

  • (Naming Speed Literacy timed): Name as many pictures on the page as possible
  • (Naming Speed Quantity timed): Name the quantity shown in each picture on the page as quickly as possible
  • (Immediate Symbol Translation: Learn a symbol code and translate sets of symbols into sentences
  • (Delayed Symbol Translation): Same as IST but after a period of time has elapsed from learning the symbols
  • (Recognition Symbol Translation): Same as IST, but student selects a correct translation rather than recalling it from memory


April 02, 2020


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